Ballaugh Stargazing Camping Weekend – Friday 15th to Sunday 17th September 2017

Starting at 4pm and finishing on Sunday at 2pm.

A full list of the day and night activities will be posted on a notice board by reception

Some of the Proposed Itinerary:

During daylight hours:

  • Meet and greet the campers and the visiting public.
  • Telescope and binocular Tours and meeting with their owners.
  • Solar viewing by the means of safety approved devices only.
  • Helping beginners setup their telescopes.Various astronomy related videos being shown in the marquee, including the building of our Observatory and the telescope housed within, off the Lhoobs Road near to Foxdale.
  • Also lots of pictures and information boards displayed within the marquee too.

Various talks / lectures and demonstrations, in the large marquee.

* To include “A DIY Comet – the making of a comet nucleus” demonstration.
* Using Stellarium free planetarium software on your PC.
* Using the Heavens Above website – International Space Station & satellite finder, along with star maps.
* What can be seen in the night sky this Autumn and Winter.
* The Science of the Stars.
A full list of the day and night activities to be posted on a notice board.

Night time Itinerary:

  • Guided Tours of the Night Sky including constellations, nebulae, & star clusters.
  • Comet and Messier Object hunting.
  • Astrophotography demonstration.
  • Tours of deep sky objects by using a telescope.
  • Video Astronomy.
  • Early risers Moon watch.

If not suitable for stargazing all the talks etc listed above with an asterisk (*) will be shown……

If the weather is inclement there will be plenty to see and do within the large marquee. Astronomy related Hand-outs for visitors to the event.

The itinerary is subject to change throughout the day and night
as and when circumstances dictate.